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If you are a composer, ensemble, or other individual interested in participating in this project, please fill out the corresponding form below:

HOW IT WORKs . . .

In order to expose more band directors to the music of composers historically marginalized by race or gender, And We Were Heard seeks to match these composers with ensembles willing to rehearse and create high-quality recordings of their work. Once a recording has been created, the composer can use the track to market themselves and their music while competing more effectively with large publishing companies and music distributors. The recordings will also be hosted on this site as a way for other band directors to peruse available, playable music by diverse composers when making concert programming decisions.

Interested composers and ensembles submit their information to our panel for review via the forms above. This screening process ensures that our collaborating composers and ensembles will both contribute high-quality output to the project.

Our panel will review the composer applicants and their works and ensemble applicants and a submitted pre-existing recording of the ensemble. Composers who are accepted will be sent a request to submit up to 3 scores of wind band music at a time. If enough pieces are submitted by the current wave of composers, each ensemble director will be sent two perusal scores that will match their ensemble’s reading level and instrumentation (ensembles will generally be matched with pieces one grade level below their reading level unless requested otherwise). The ensemble director will have one week to select their collaborative recording piece and return the other score. The ensemble will then be sent the parts to begin work on the piece.

Each recording project will be assigned an And We Were Heard panelist who will act as a point person for questions and communication. This panelist will introduce the composer and ensemble director as well as help them exchange contact information. We request that email communication between composer and conductor always be cc'ed to the And We Were Heard panelist assigned to their project.

Each project carries a completion goal of one school semester. Directors may submit one request for an extension of an additional semester if needed. It is requested that the ensemble director submit their extension request as soon as they know they will need it to avoid missing deadlines. An ensemble may wish to receive a piece and return a high-quality recording in just a few weeks depending on their approach to the activity. This quicker turn-around is also welcome.

Composers and conductors are encouraged to communicate throughout the rehearsal and recording process. To facilitate productive dialogue, And We Were Heard will send out three formal questionnaires regarding the work and rehearsal process: once following the first rehearsal, once midway through the rehearsal cycle, and once following the work's performance. The first two questionnaires will be voluntary. The final questionnaire will be required of both the ensemble director and composer. It is encouraged that the ensemble director give the composer as much helpful, productive feedback on their piece as possible in order to assist the composer with their marketability and future success. Composers and ensembles are encouraged to Skype or visit in person during the collaborative process if distance is not an issue.

Recordings submitted to the panel are reviewed for both fidelity and performance quality. Live performance recordings are acceptable for submission to this project. If a recording is deemed to be unacceptable for distribution by And We Were Heard, the ensemble will be given specific notes for correction and provided one additional opportunity to submit a higher-quality recording of the piece. If a high-quality recording is not submitted in two attempts, the ensemble will be excused from the project.

Participating ensembles are guaranteed the right to one performance of their collaboration piece free of charge during the semester it is recorded. Should they desire to keep the piece in their library, ensembles will be offered a 50% discount off the listed purchase price of the work.

Recordings will be posted along with perusal scores, composer bios, and links to purchase the piece on Both the recording ensemble and the composer (or their chosen third-party agent) will retain non-commercial, promotional rights to the recording. And We Were Heard retains the right to host the recording on only.

Once a collaborative project has been completed, the ensemble can request to begin work on a new piece. Should the ensemble be interested in a “workshop” scenario in which multiple pieces are prepared and recorded in one sitting, please submit a request. Once a composer’s first three pieces have been successfully recorded, the composer can submit another three.

Currently, And We Were Heard is targeting female, non-binary, and composers of color who write music for wind band. In the future, we may expand the scope of our efforts to include other composers and genres. If you are an interested composer who does not align with our current target demographic, please fill out the Composer form anyway and we will let you know when opportunities for you become available!

Should you have any questions, please contact us at